Consulting Engineers

Dryden & LaRue, Inc. (D&L) has been providing total project services to Alaska’s utilities in the discipline of electrical engineering since its founding in 1977. These services range from initial system planning and studies, evaluation, engineering and design, to on-site construction.

The principal business goal of D&L is to provide a team of professional engineers that can respond to the needs of Alaskan utilities with competence, quality, and efficiency. We consider our principal assets to be the good will of past and present clients, the high quality of our services, and the integrity and ability of our people.

D&L has a staff of professional engineers with the experience of many successful Alaskan design projects. We serve a variety of clients including federal and state agencies, private and publicly-owned electrical utilities, construction contractors, and other energy-related industries.

To fit with Alaska, we continually match our organization to a wide range of projects. We regularly provide repair designs for individual tower problems and provide total engineering and inspections services to multi-million dollar projects.

We have been finding innovative solutions to engineering, design, and construction problems throughout Alaska for over 25 years. Our staff developed the first tubular steel X-frame towers used in the construction of high voltage transmission lines in Alaska. We have also developed unique transmission tower footings, avalanche designs for; deflectors, transmission structures, and shear-release devices. We developed and installed the first “Snow Load Monitoring” devices to measure unbalanced snow loadings on a transmission line. We offer a wide base of experience for any Alaskan electrical project.